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Integrating Parallel DEVS and Equation-Based Object-Oriented Modeling

Victorino Sanz, Alfonso Urquía and Sebastián Dormido

Symposium on Theory of Modeling and Simulation (DEVS'10) (DEVS 2010)
Orlando, ON, April 11-15 2010


The benefits of integrating the Parallel DEVS (P-DEVS) formalism with the Equation-Based Object-Oriented modeling languages (EOOL), which constitute the state-of-the-art for continuous-time system modeling, are discussed. The characteristics of the Equation-Based Object-Oriented (EOO) methodology are presented. The requirements to describe PDEVS models using an EOOL are evaluated. These requirements are detailed for the case of the P-DEVS formalism and the Modelica language, with the introduction of the DEVSLib Modelica library. DEVSLib facilitates the description of P-DEVS models in Modelica, and allows the combination of DEVS models together with other Modelica libraries in order to construct multi-formalism hybrid models. DEVSLib has been developed by the authors and is freely available at

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