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DEVS Based Plug-in Framework For Interoperability of Simulators

Jang Won Bae and Tag Gon Kim

Symposium on Theory of Modeling and Simulation (DEVS'10) (DEVS 2010)
Orlando, ON, April 11-15 2010


This paper proposes a framework, called PlugSim, which provides not only distributed but also interoperable simulation environment. The PlugSim uses plug-in method so that users can simulate their models which is developed in accordance with the simple interface of the PlugSim [2]. The structure of the PlugSim is separating the framework and simulation models while they are communicating each other using a common interface. the objective of the PlugSim is conveniently creating an interoperable simulator that is synthesizing the provided framework and user models. Because of plug-in method, users can exchange their models at the run-time simulation. Therefore, the properties of models can be modified during the execution of simulation according to the purpose of the simulation. The PlugSim offers two types of interface: DEVS model interface and non-DEVS model interface. DEVS model interface is based on the atomic model specification in the DEVS formalism. Non-DEVS model interface consists of packet processing using TCP/IP connection. The PlugSim has algorithms for data exchange and time synchronization that are indispensable for interoperation. To interoperate among models, The PlugSim has a Simulation Manager that supports to synchronize the time of all simulators which participates in the global simulation and many Model Mangers that assist in exchanging data among simulators which are relative to the data. To exploit the PlugSim, Customers have to do two additional works: defining Interoperation Object Model(IOM). they help the PlugSim to interoperae among simulators.

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