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SES Based Ontological Process for High Level Information Fusion

Hojun Lee and Bernard Zeigler

Symposium on Theory of Modeling and Simulation (DEVS'10) (DEVS 2010)
Orlando, ON, April 11-15 2010


Data Fusion process is in the interest of the military community since it gives a chance to achieve information superiority. System Entity Structure (SES) is an ontology framework that can facilitate information exchange and represent knowledge in a network-centric environment. We explore an idea of adopting SES ontology to fuse raw data into higher-level information in Data Fusion systems for Command and Control (C2) systems. Pruning and transformation processes of the SES ontology generate various levels of information in accordance with C2 systems demand, which support C2 systems’ decision-making process in an automated way. C2 systems receive customized information through the SES information exchange framework. Simulation results demonstrate the ontological DF process, and evaluate its performance in the application to categorization of air object flight patterns into high-level user oriented classes.

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