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System Entity Structure For XML Meta Data Modeling; Application to the Logistics

Youngshin Han, Taekyu Kim, Chungman Seo and Chilgee Lee

Symposium on Theory of Modeling and Simulation (DEVS'10) (DEVS 2010)
Orlando, ON, April 11-15 2010


Korean distribution industry companies and organizations have taken up EDI(Electronic Data Interchange) for enhancing air distribution process efficiently. However, they are facing up problems in utilizing air EDI because of some reasons-hard to implement, requiring huge amount of budget, using limited networks, and consuming long transmitting time. The objective of this study is implementing an SES(System Entity Structure) ontology based unified distribution system which facilitates free information exchanges on the Internet, which is the common network that current EDI system limits on, among air industries, forwarders, and individual cooperations. Also, the system implemented in this study reduces operation costs and manages freight information effectively.

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