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Designing an Interface for Real-Time and Embedded DEVS

Mohammad Moallemi and Gabriel Wainer

Symposium on Theory of Modeling and Simulation (DEVS'10) (DEVS 2010)
Orlando, ON, April 11-15 2010


In this work, we are proposing a hardware-in-the-loop model-driven method to develop real-time and embedded applications based on DEVS (Discrete Event Systems Specification) formalism. This approach combines the advantages of a simulation-based approach with the rigor of a formal methodology. This framework can be used to develop embedded applications incrementally, and integrate simulation models with hardware components seamlessly. We have defined structural modifications to the current DEVS abstract simulator, allowing for integration with hardware devices, using external ports of the model and adding hardware control mechanisms. The use of this methodology provides model continuity from the early stages of model design to embedding it on the target. We discuss the implementation details of the proposed technique in E-CD++ (an Embedded DEVS-based toolkit).

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