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Conservative DEVS - A Novel Protocol for Parallel Conservative Simulation of DEVS and Cell-DEVS Models

Shafagh Jafer and Gabriel Wainer

Symposium on Theory of Modeling and Simulation (DEVS'10) (DEVS 2010)
Orlando, ON, April 11-15 2010


We present a novel conservative algorithm based on the classical Chandy-Misra-Bryant (CMB) synchronization mechanism by extending DEVS abstract simulator to provide means for look-ahead computation and sending null-messages. We integrate this mechanism into the CD++ simulation toolkit, providing a purely conservative simulator, namely, CCD++, for running large-scale DEVS and Cell-DEVS models in parallel and distributed fashion. Our algorithm is implemented on a revised DEVS abstract simulator to reduce the frequency of look-ahead computation. It also replaces time information estimations with a single lookahead computation causing reduction in the number of null-messages. Performance analysis has been conducted to show that CCD++ simulator markedly improves execution times. The considerable speedups indicate that the conservative simulator is well suited for simulating large and complex DEVS-based models.

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