Call for Papers

The purpose of this symposium is to provide a forum to discuss most recent advancements in Theory of Modeling and Simulation. The main focus is on theory of modeling, methodology, practice and software to cope with the challenges arising out of these, as well as lessons learned and challenges. The intention of the Symposium is to bride different areas in the field of Theory of Modeling and Simulation, including formal modeling, model-checking, graph transformation, modeling methodologies. It also provides an opportunity to exchange ideas with other SpringSim'11 symposia participants in different fields.

Topics of interest include (but are not limited to) the following:

  • Theory
    • DEVS, Petri-nets, Finite State Machines, Timed Automata, Process Algebras, Queueing Networks, etc.
    • Hybrid system modeling and integration of formalisms
    • Formal analysis and symbolic reasoning
    • Model Checking
    • Graph Transformations
    • Activity paradigm: Complex adaptive systems, tracking, awareness
  • Methodology
    • parallel & distributed simulators and simulations
    • Interoperability simulators (grid, cloud, web services…)
    • M&S Engineering
    • M&S-Based development methods
  • Practice and Lessons Learned
    • Military systems and infrastructures
    • Real-time and embedded systems
    • High performance computing
    • Cloud and service-oriented computing
    • Software-intensive/networked systems
    • Transportation and traffic systems
    • Ecological and environmental systems
    • Systems-of-systems and ultra large scale systems
    • Standards
  • M&S Software
    • M&S Software including frameworks and libraries for DEVS, Petri Nets, Finite State Machines, Timed Automata, Process Algebras, Queueing Networks, etc.
    • Education aspects of Theory of Modeling and Simulation


The conference committee accepts three types of papers submitted as a PDF file through the Submission Management System as listed below. The final version of all the papers must comply with the SCS conference format. All the submitted papers must be original and not submitted to other venues; they will be peer reviewed with respect to their quality, originality and relevance. The authors of the accepted paper must register in advance for inclusion of their paper in the conference proceedings.

1. Full manuscript: 8 pages in final conference format. In addition to publication in the conference proceedings, they will be considered for best paper award and for possible inclusion in a Special Issue to be proposed to the Simulation Journal, SCS). Full papers will be published both in hard copy and CD-ROM.

2. Work in Progress: Short papers up to 6 pages in final conference format.

3. Short Papers: Papers with industrial focus, military or government applications, and work-in-progress in abstract or short paper format.

All papers will be included in the conference proceedings and archived in both the ACM Digital Library; Full Papers will be also printed in hard copy.

Papers have to be submitted electronically, and have to be properly formatted in accordance with these guidelines. Papers will be fully reviewed. Authors of accepted submissions will have the opportunity to update their submissions based on the reviews before the final electronic copy is due.


Important Dates

Full Paper Submission 1) Nov 15 2011
Notification 2) Jan 01 2012
Ready-Camera Paper due 3) Jan 15 2012
1) Submit technical articles and experience reports, properly formatted in accordance with these guidelines
2) The program committee will review the papers and determine which ones will be accepted
3) The final version of accepted papers, incorporating changes based on reviewer comments, are due by this date
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