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Some statistics: Papers submitted: 124 (TMS/DEVS, Mod4Sim, DEVS PhD Award)
Full Papers Accepted: 35
Work-in-Progress/Short papers: 19

Articles were submitted from 24 countries in all Continents:
Africa: Nigeria
America (South): Argentina, Brazil, Colombia
America (North): Canada, Mexico, United States
Asia: China, India, Iran, Israel, Korea (Republic of), Malaysia, Viet Nam
Europe: Belgium, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Netherlands, Portugal, United Kingdom
Oceania: Australia


Time Monday Tuesday Wednesday
8:30 Plenary Plenary S6 M4
10:30 Plenary S3 + PhD Pres. M1 S7 SIMAUD
13:30 S1 S4 M2 W1 W2
15:30 S2 S5 M3 W3 W4
18:00 DEVS Award


Session Authors (Session Chairs TBC)
S1: Verification – Monday 26 1330 - 1500Chair: Fernando Barros, Universidade da Coimbra, Portugal
TMS/DEVS opening Gabriel Wainer and Pieter Mosterman (general chairs)
Modeling the Optimized Link-State Routing Protocol for Verification Matthew Steele and Todd Andel
Qualitative Verification of Finite and Real-Time DEVS Networks Moon Ho Hwang
Hybrid DEVS Models Verification Hesham Saadawi and Gabriel Wainer
S2: Practice and Lessons learned – Monday 26 1530 – 1700 Chair: Hessam Sarjoughian, Arizona State University, USA
Activity-based Credit Assignment Alexandre Muzy and Bernard P. Zeigler
Music Generation Using Cellular Models Heather Morris and Gabriel Wainer
PHI-DEVS: Phase Based Discrete Event Modeling Job Honig and Mamadou Seck
Analyzing a Subsystem to Discover a Large System Model: An Application in Airline Routing Decisions Ravi Mukkamala, Jeremiah Creedon and Puya Ghazizadeh
S3: M&S Software – Tuesday 27 1030 – 1130Chair: Gabriel Wainer, Carleton University, Canada
Scheduling Model for a Tool Evaluating New Radiotherpies
EMF-DEVS Modeling Hessam Sarjoughian and Abbas Mahmoodi
Formal Specification of Multisimulations using Maude
PhD: Best Ph.D. Dissertation Award Candidates Presentations – Tuesday 27 1130 – 1215Chair: Claudia Frydman, LSIS, France
Enhanced Distributed Simulation Interoperability and Algorithms Using Web Services Khaldoon Al-Zoubi
Algorithms for Parallel Simulation of Large-Scale DEVS and Cell-DEVS Models Qi Liu
S4: Practice and Lessons learned 2 – Tuesday 27 1330 – 1500 Chair: Pieter Mosterman, McGill University, Montreal, Canada; The Mathworks, USA
Predicting Memcache Throughput using Simulation and Modeling Steven Hart, Eitan Frachtenberg and Mateusz Berezecki
Discrete-Event System-on-a-Chip with Universal Event Tracer and Floating-Point Synchronizer for Interoperation of a DEVS Simulator and an On-Chip Debugger Daejin Park and Tag Gon Kim
PSYOPS and CIMIC operations: From concepts to G-DEVS models Colette Faucher, Gregory Zacharewicz, Maamar El Amine Hamri and Claudia Frydman
Lattice Boltzmann Approach to Acoustic Propagation for Underwater Warfare Simulation Sol Ha
S5: Verification & Continuous Models – Tuesday 27 1530 – 1700Chair: Mamadou Traoré, Université Blaise Pascal, Clermont-Ferrand, France
Modeling and Simulation of Time-Varying Delays Fu Zhang and Murali Yeddanapudi
Formal Modelling and Analysis of Behaviour Grading within a Peer-to-peer Storage System Samira Chaou and Franck Pommereau
Modeling and Simulation of Mobile Phones using Dynamic Topologies Fernando Barros
Adapting Model-Based Testing Techniques to DEVS Models Validation Diego Ariel Hollmann, Maximiliano Cristiá and Claudia Frydman
S6: M&S Software 2 – Wednesday 28 0830 – 1000 Chair: Greg Zacharewicz, University of Bordeaux, France
Frontier Modeling Support Environment: Flexibility to Adapt to Diverse Stakeholders Bernard Zeigler, James Nutaro, Chungman Seo, Steven Hall, Pamela Clark, Michael Rilee, Sidney Bailin, Thomas Speller and Walter Powell
Simulation Model Standardization through Web Services: Interoperation and Federation on the DEVS/SOA Platform Chungman Seo and Bernard Zeigler
DEVSML 2.0: The Language and the Stack Saurabh Mittal and Scott Douglass
S7: M&S Software 3 – Wednesday 28 1030 – 1200 Chair: Andrea D'Ambrogio, University of Roma “Tor Vergata”, Italy
SAN Lite-Solver: a user-friendly software tool to solve SAN models Afonso Sales
Design and Implementation of Event-based DEVS Execution Environment for Faster Execution of Iterative Simulation Se Jung Kwon and Tag Gon Kim
Modeling and Simulation Based Design of Real-Time Controllers Embedded on Network Processors Rodrigo Castro, Matías Bonaventura, Ivan Ramello and Gabriel Wainer
WIP 1 Industry Application – Wednesday 28 1330 – 1500Chair: Lisandru Muzy, Université de Corse, France
A Method to Federate a Discrete Event-Based Logistics Simulator and a Continuous Time-Stepped Traffic Microscopic Simulator Thomas Wall, Michael Hunter and Michael Rodgers
Validating Manufacturing Processes Using Timed Sequential Machines : application to a semiconductor manufacturing process Pamela Viale, Norbert Giambiasi, Claudia Frydman and Jacques Pinaton
Approaching Complexity in Modeling and Simulation of Logistics Systems Markus Koch, Juri Tolujew and Michael Schenk
G-DEVS Based Simulation of Toy industry Client behaviour in PSS Thecle Alix and Gregory Zacharewicz
WIP 2 Theory – Wednesday 28 1330 – 1500Chair: Mamadou Seck, TU Delft, Netherlands
Model-based Generation of Scenario-specific Event Sequences for the Simulation of Recurrent User Behavior within Context-Aware Applications Sandro Rodriguez Garzon and Dmytro Hritsevskyy
Using Workflows Of Web Services To Manage Simulation Studies Into The Cloud Judicaël Ribault and Gabriel Wainer
DEVS-Flood: A cellular DEVS approach to flood inundation modeling Matt Wozniak and Guangzhi Qu
WIP 3 Networks – Wednesday 28 1530 – 1700 Chair: Moon Ho Hwang, DS Delmia Corp., USA
Designing Digital Circuits for FPGAs using Parallel Genetic Algorithms Rizwan Arshad Ashraf, Francis Luna, Damian Dechev and Ronald DeMara
Abstracted CPS Model: A Model for Interworking between Physical System and Simulator for CPS Simulation Ji-Yeon Kim, Dal-Nim Choi, Hyung-Jong Kim, Jin-Myoung Kim and Won-Tae Kim
Exploring Multi-Level Model Dynamics: Scale, Performance and Accuracy Cagri Tekinay, Mamadou Seck and Alexander Verbraeck
WIP 4 Spatial Modelling – Wednesday 28 1530 – 1700Chair: Saurabh Mittal, Dunip Technologies, USA
DEVS Modeling of Urban Traffic Systems Donghun Kang, Joohoe Kong and Byoung K. Choi
On Time Granularity and Event Granularity in Simulation Service Composition Song Guo, Xiaolin Hu and Xiaoming Wang
A Multi-Actor Spatio-Temporal Interaction Model used to Geosimulate the Zoonosis Propagation. Mondher Bouden and Bernard Moulin
Mod4Sim 1: System Modeling – Tuesday 27 1030-1200Chair: Andrea D'Ambrogio, University of Roma “Tor Vergata”, Italy
Simulation of an Electrical Network and Control System in SysML Matthew Hause and Fabrizio Pugnetti
SysML to Discrete-event Simulation to Analyze Electronic Assembly Systems Ola Batarseh and Leon McGinnis
Automation of SysML Activity Diagram Simulation with Model-Driven Engineering Approach Damien Foures, Vincent Albert, Jean-Claude Pascal and Alexandre Nketsa
A Model-Based Method for System Reliability Analysis Alfredo Garro and Andrea Tundis
Mod4Sim 2: Model Transformation 1 – Tuesday 27 1330-1500Chair: Mamadou Traore, Université Blaise Pascal, Clermont-Ferrand, France
Automated Performance Analysis of Business Processes Paolo Bocciarelli and Andrea D'Ambrogio
Model Transformation from BPMN to DEVS in a Prototype Implementation of the MDD4MS Framework Deniz Cetinkaya, Alexander Verbraeck and Mamadou Seck
Validation of Service Oriented Computing DEVS Simulation Models Hessam Sarjoughian, Mohammed Muqsith, Dzahi Huang and Stephen Yau
Generating Simulation Models from UML - A FireSat Example Johannes Gross and Stephan Rudolph
Mod4Sim 3: Model Transformation 2 – Tuesday 27 1530-1700Chair: Hessam Sarjoughian, Arizona State University, USA
An approach to translate legacy 'C' code to Simulink model using XML Chethan Kotekar
Calibration of Deployment Simulation Models - A Multi-Paradigm Modelling Approach Joachim Denil, Hans Vangheluwe, Paul De Meulenaere and Serge Demeyer
BOM2UML: Integrating BOM Specifications into UML-based Development Environments Andrea D'Ambrogio, Daniele Gianni and Marco Grasso
Model-Based Virtual In-the-Loop-Test of Autonomous Systems: The FALTER Case Andreas Bayha, Franziska Gruneis and Bernhard Schatz
Mod4Sim 4: Languages – Wednesday 28 0830-1000 Chair: Greg Zacharewicz, University of Bordeaux, France
Modular mathematical modelling of biological systems Mandeep Gill, Steve McKeever and David Gavaghan
PRoModel: A Model-Driven Software Environment that Facilitates and Expedites the Development of Systems that Handle Uncertainty Rosa Atzimba Lòpez-Landa and Julieta Noguez
ModelicaML Value Bindings for Automated Model Composition Wladimir Schamai, Peter Fritzson, Christiaan J.J. Paredis and Philipp Helle
The DEVS-Driven Modeling Language: Syntax and Semantics Definition by Meta-Modeling and Graph Transformation Ufuoma Bright Ighoroje, Oumar Maiga and Mamadou Kaba Traoré

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