Conference Program


Monday 08-APR
0830 – 1000 SCS Plenary
1030 – 1200 SCS/SISO Plenary
1330 – 1500 Session Block I Plenary Talk Mod4SIM 1
1530 – 1700 Session Block II TMS1 Mod4SIM 2
Tuesday 09-APR
0830 – 1000 SCS Plenary
1030 – 1200 Session Block III TMS 2 Mod4SIM WIP 1
1330 – 1500 Session Block IV TMS 3 Mod4SIM WIP 2
1530 – 1700 Session Block V PHD
Wednesday 10-APR
0830 – 1000 Session Block VI Panel
1030 – 1200 Session Block VII TMS4 TMS WIP 1
1330 – 1500 Session Block VIII TMS WIP 3 TMS WIP 2
1530 – 1700 Session Block IX


Paper Authors
Monday 08-APR
1330-1500 Plenary Talk Chair: Gabriel Wainer
1400-1500 Commercial DEVS-based Software Environment and EcoSystem for Modeling and Simulation Doohwan Kim
1530-1700 TMS1 Chair: Gregory Zacharewicz, Fernando Barros
1530-1600 Towards a Theory of Interface-Based Design of Hierarchical Reactive Systems Herbert Praehofer
1600-1630 Multiple Real-Time Semantics on top of Synchronous Block Diagrams Andreas Naderlinger
1630-1700 Metamorphic Differential Simulation Using the Multi-Delay Timing Model Peter Maurer
Tuesday 09-APR
1030-1200 TMS 2 Chair: Herbert Praheofer
1030-1100 Systematic Management of Simulation State for Multi-Branch Simulations in Simulink Zhi Han, Pieter Mosterman, Justyna Zander and Fu Zhang
1100-1130 Creating Suites of Models with System Entity Structure: Global Warming Example Bernard P. Zeigler, Chungman Seo, Robert Coop and Doohwan Kim
1130-1200 DEVS Modeling and Simulation Methodology with MS4Me Software Tool Chungman Seo, Bernard P. Zeigler, Robert Coop and Doohwan Kim
1330-1500 TMS 3 Chair: Moon Hwang
1330-1400 Occupancy Analysis using Building Information Modeling and Cell-DEVS Simulation Sixuan Wang, Gabriel Wainer, Vinu Subashini Rajus and Robert Woodbury
1400-1430 Enabling Formal Analysis of Energy-Aware Automotive Embedded Systems in EAST-ADL Eun-Young Kang and Pierre-Yves Schobbens
1430-1500 Observations on Real-time Simulation Design and Experimentation Soroosh Gholami and Hessam Sarjoughian
1500-1530 PHD Chair: Claudia Frydman
Wednesday 10-APR
0830-1000 Panel Chair: Fernando Barros, Gregory Zacharewicz
0900-0930 Grand Challenges on the Theory of Modeling and Simulation Simon Taylor, Azam Khan, Katherine Morse, Andreas Tolk, Levent Yilmaz and Justyna Zander
1030-1200 TMS 4 Chair: Gary Godding
1030-1100 The Impact of Operations Strategies for Emergency Room in Taiwan Shao-Jen Weng, Po-Yu Huang, Wei-Hsiu CHANG, Lee-Min Wang and Chun-Yueh Chang
1100-1130 Efficient Online Analysis of Accidental Fault Localization for Dynamic Systems using Hidden Markov Model Ning Ge, Shin Nakajima and Marc Pantel
1130-1200 NOISYSIM: exact simulation of stochastic chemically reacting systems with extrinsic bounded noises Giulio Caravagna, Giancarlo Mauri and Alberto d'Onofrio
1330-1500 TMS WIP 3 Chair: Justyna Zander
1330-1400 Agent-Oriented Approach Based on Discrete Event Systems Paul-Antoine Bisgambiglia, Paul Antoine Bisgambiglia and Romain Franceschini
1400-1430 Survival vs. Revenue: Modelling and Reasoning on Population Dynamics Andrea Bracciali, Giulio Caravagna and Amjad Ullah
1430-1500 A Cellular Automaton Model for Psoriasis Disease Nour Shublaq, Chrysanthi Ainali, Christopher Banerji and Morgan Germain


Paper Authors
Monday 08-APR
1330-1500 MOD4SIM 1 Chair: Andrea D'Ambrogio
1400-1500 Abstraction in Physiological Modelling Languages Steve McKeever, Mandeep Gill, Anthony Connor and David Johnson
1400-1430 Model-based, Composable Simulation for the Development of Autonomous Miniature Vehicles Christian Berger, Olaf Landsiedel, Elad Schiller, Michel Chaudron and Rogardt Heldal
1430-1500 Data and Behavior Decomposition for the Model-Driven Development of an Executable Simulation Model Gürkan Özhan and Halit Oğuztüzün
1530-1700 MOD4SIM 2 Chair: Halit Oğuztüzün
1530-1600 Model Composability and Execution across Simulation, Optimization, and Forecast Models Hessam Sarjoughian and James Smith
1600-1630 On the Representation of Product Lines using Pluggable Software Units: Results from an Exploratory Study Fernando Barros
1630-1700 4SEE: a Model-driven Simulation Engineering Framework for Business Processes Analysis in a SaaS paradigm Paolo Bocciarelli, Andrea D'Ambrogio and Daniele Gianni
Tuesday 09-APR
1030-1200 MOD4SIM WIP 1 Chair: Raphael Duboz
1030-1050 GAMETE: General Adaptable Metric Execution Tool and Environment Kurt Rohloff, Kyle Usbeck and Joe Loyall
1050-1110 A Metamodel-Based Approach for Generalizing Requirements in Database-Driven 3D Simulation Martin Hoppen, Michael Schluse and Juergen Rossmann
1111-1130 Model-based Animation of Micro-Traffic Simulation Philip Guin and Eugene Syriani
1130-1150 Principles for the Realization of an Open Simulation Framework Based on fUML Jeremie Tatibouet, Arnaud Cuccuru, Sébastien Gerard and François Terrier
1330-1500 MOD4SIM WIP 1 Chair: Eugene Syriani
1330-1400 Transformation of Extended Actigram Star to BPMN2.0 in the frame of Model Driven Service Engineering Architecture Hassan BAZOUN, Gregory Zacharewicz, Yves Ducq and Hadrien Boye
1400-1430 Hybrid Agent based Simulation with Adaptive Learning of Travel Mode Choices for University Commuters Nagesh Shukla, Albert Munoz, Jun Ma and Nam Huynh
1430-1500 Comparison of Three Agent-Based Platforms On The Basis of a Simple Epidemiological Model Kishoj Bajracharya and Raphael Duboz
Wednesday 10-APR
1030-1200 TMS WIP 1 Chair: Rhys Goldstein
1030-1100 Semantics for an Interdisciplinary Computation Justyna Zander and Pieter Mosterman
1100-1130 Revisit of System Variable Trajectories Moon Ho Hwang
1130-1200 Hybrid Systems Modeling and Verification with DEVS Hesham Saadawi and Gabriel Wainer
1330-1500 TMS WIP 2 Chair: Saurabh Mittal
1330-1400 Informal DEVS Conventions Motivated by Practical Considerations Rhys Goldstein, Simon Breslav and Azam Khan
1400-1430 A Method for DEVS Simulation of E-Commerce Processes for Integrated Business and Technology Evaluation Carlos María Chezzi, Ana Rosa Tymoschuk and Ricardo Lerman
1430-1500 GAMME, a meta-model to unify data needs in simulation modeling Judicaël Bedouet, Nicolas Huynh and Romain Kervarc

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