Conference Program


Monday 14-APR
0830 – 1000 SCS Plenary
1030 – 1200 SCS/SISO Plenary
1330 – 1500 Session Block 1 TMS (Session 1A) TMS (Session 1B)
1530 – 1700 Session Block 2 TMS (Session 1A) TMS (Session 2B)
Tuesday 15-APR
0830 – 1000 SCS Plenary
1030 – 1200 Session Block 3 TMS (Session 3) Mod4SIM 1
1330 – 1500 Session Block 4 TMS (Session 4) Mod4SIM 2
1530 – 1630 Session Block 5 TMS (Session 5) Mod4SIM WIP
1630 – 1730 Session Block 6 PhD Session
Wednesday 16-APR
0830 – 1000 Session Block 7 TMS WIP 1
1030 – 1200 Session Block 8 TMS WIP 2
1330 – 1500 Session Block 9 TMS WIP 3

Monday 14-APR

Paper Authors
Parallel Track A - TMS (Sessions 1A & 2A)
1330-1500 Session TMS Block 1A Chair: Helena Szczerbicka
1300-1400 Optimization based on dynamic and hybrid metaheuristics via DEVS simulation Bastien Poggi, Jean-François Santucci and Thierry Antoine-Santoni
1400-1430 Expanding DEVS and SES Applicability: Using M&S Kernels within IT Systems Chungman Seo, Wontae Kang, Bernard P. Zeigler and Doohwan Kim
1430-1500 Context Activity Selection and Scheduling in Context-driven Simulation Jae Woong Lee, Abdelsalam Helal, Yunsick Sung and Kyungeun Cho
1530-1700 Session TMS Block 2A Chair: Andrea D'Ambrogio
1530-1600 Simulation Optimization of Police Patrol District Design Using an Adjusted Simulated Annealing Approach Yue Zhang and Donald Brown
1600-1630 The Peace Game: A software-based model for understanding the complexities of modern conflict at the strategic level Matthew Powers, Jeff Appleget and Danny Heerlein
1630-1700 Simulation of Aircraft Boarding Strategies with Discrete-Event Cellular DEVS Shafagh Jafer and Wei Mi
Parallel Track B - TMS (Sessions 1B & 2B)
1330-1500 Session TMS Block 1B Chair: Gregory Zacharewicz
1330-1400 Dynamic Data Driven Simulation with Soft Data Yuan Long and Xiaolin Hu
1400-1430 Explicit Modelling of Causal Block Diagram Simulation Environments Hans Vangheluwe, Daniel Riegelhaupt, Sadaf Mustafiz, Joachim Denil and Simon Van Mierlo
1430-1500 Stochastic Hierarchical Simulation Leandro Watanabe and Chris Myers
1530-1630 Session TMS Block 2B Chair: Hans Vangheluwe
1530-1600 Semantic Mashups for Simulation as a Service with Tag Mining and Ontology Learning Sixuan Wang, Gabriel Wainer, Vinu Subashini Rajus and Robert Woodbury
1600-1630 On the Representation of Dynamic Topologies: The Case for Centralized and Modular Approaches Fernando Barros

Tuesday 15-APR

Paper Authors
Parallel Track A - TMS (Sessions 3,4 & 5)
1030-1200 Session TMS Block 3A Chair: Gabriel Wainer
1030-1100 Geometric Algorithms and Data Structures for Simulating Diffusion Limited Reactions Shaun Bloom, Shuang Luan, Mathieu Karamitros and Sebestien Incerti
1100-1130 Efficient Matrix-Exponential Random Variate Generation using a Numeric Linear Combination Approach M. Todd Gardner, Appie van de Liefvoort and Cory Beard
1130-1200 Modeling Attention Switching in Resource-constrained Complex Intelligent Dynamical Systems (RCIDS) Saurabh Mital and Bernard Zeigler
1330-1430 Session TMS Block 4A Chair: Norbert Giambiasi
1330-1400 A Highly Efficient Simulation Core in C++ Andreas Blunk and Joachim Fischer
1400-1430 Fenix: A Framework for Power System and Communication Networks Co-Simulation Selim Ciraci, Jeff Daily, Jason Fuller, Andrew Fisher, Laurentiu Marinovici and Khushbu Agarwal
1530-1630 Session TMS Block 5A Chair: Andrea D'Ambrogio
1530-1600 Rule-Based Model Transformation For, and In Simulink (*) Joachim Denil, Pieter Mosterman and Hans Vangheluwe
1600-1630 Computational Fluid Dynamic Solver Based on Cellular Discrete-Event Simulation Michael Van Schyndel and Gabriel Wainer
1630-1730 PhD Session Chair: Claudia Frydman
Parallel Track B - MOD4SIM (Sessions 1,2 + WIP 1)
1030-1200 Session MOD4SIM Block 1B Chair: Fernando Barros
1030-1100 Empowering Business Process Simulation Through Automated Model Transformations Paolo Bocciarelli, Andrea D'Ambrogio, Andrea Giglio, Emiliano Paglia and Daniele Gianni
1100-1130 Business Process Simulation: Transformation of BPMN 2.0 to DEVS Models Hassan Bazoun, Youssef Bouanan, Gregory Zacharewicz, Yves Ducq and Hadrien Boye
1330-1500 Session MOD4SIM Block 2B Chair: Andrea D'Ambrogio
1330-1400 High Level Modeling of Elastic Circuits In SystemC Mohamed Ammar Ben Khadra, Yu Bai and Klaus Schneider
1400-1430 Generation of Co-simulation Compliant Functional Mock-up Units From Simulink, Using Explicit Computational Semantics Bart Pussig, Joachim Denil, Paul De Meulenaere and Hans Vangheluwe
1430-1500 RAMSAS4Modelica: a Simulation-driven Method for System Dependability Analysis centered on the Modelica language and related tools Alfredo Garro and Andrea Tundis
1530-1700 Session MOD4SIM WIP Chair: Fernando Barros
1530-1550 Sprat: Hierarchies of Domain-Specific Languages for Marine Ecosystem Simulation Engineering Arne Johanson and Wilhelm Hasselbring
1550-1610 A Model-based Approach to Modeling a Hybrid Simulation Platform Asli Soyler Akbas, Konstantinos Mykoniatis, Anastasia Angelopoulou and Waldemar Karwowski
1610-1630 How to Avoid Model Interferences for Test-driven Agile Simulation based on Standardized UML Profiles Vitali Schneider, Anna Yupatova, Winfried Dulz and Reinhard German

Wednesday 16-APR

Paper Authors
Track - TMS (WIP Sessions 1, 2 & 3 + PhD Session)
0830-1000 Session TMS WIP 1 Chair: Fernando Barros
0830-0850 The Modular Architecture of the Python(P)DEVS Simulation Kernel Yentl Van Tendeloo and Hans Vangheluwe
0850-0910 DEVS-Ruby: a Domain Specific Language for DEVS Modeling and Simulation Romain Franceschini, Paul-Antoine Bisgambiglia, Paul Antoine Bisgambiglia and David Hill
0910-0930 DEVS-based Case Management Shaowei Wang and Mamadou Traoré
0930-0950 A simulation-based model for a multi-domain GMPLS-based IP-over-optical network using the OMNeT++ platform Saud Albarrak
1030-1130 Session TMS WIP 2 Chair: Moon Ho Hwang
1030-1050 Temporal Capabilities in Support of Conceptual Process Modeling using Object-Role Modeling Daniele Gianni, Paolo Bocciarelli and Andrea D'Ambrogio
1050-1110 An Analytical Method for Assessing the Effectiveness of Human in the Loop Simulation Environments: A work in progress Glenn Hodges, Rudolph Darken and Michael McCauley
1110-1130 Lessons Learned from Independent Verification and Validation of Models and Simulations James Elele, David Hall, Allie Farid, David Turner, Mark Davis, Charles Pedriani and David Keyse
1330-1500 Session TMS WIP 3 Chair: Moon Ho Hwang
1330-1350 Taxonomy of DEVS Variants Moon Ho Hwang
1350-1410 Heterogeneous DEVS Simulations with Connectors and Reo Based Compositions Ahmet Kara, Halit Oguztuzun and M. Nedim Alpdemir
1410-1430 A Study on Effective Operations of Sound Underwater Signal Using DEVS Modelling and Simulation Min Kwak and Chungman Seo
1430-1450 DEVS-based Scenario Manager of Multibody Dynamics Simulator for Shipbuilding Production Process Sol Ha, Namkug Ku, Myung-Il Roh, Ki Su Kim, Seung-Ho Ham, Jung-woo Hong, Xing Li and Hyewon Lee

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