Department of Systems and Computer Engineering

Graduate Student Email Account Application

This application form is for an Email account on the Research Network. If authorized by your supervisor or advisor, the access will be given to machines in their research lab. See for network details.
Before submitting this form, meet with your advisor/supervisor. If (s)he does not know who you are, (s)he will not approve your request !
First Name
Last Name
Middle Initial (Optional)
Student Number (Carleton or Ottawa U)
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Academic Advisor or Supervisor Email
Conditions of Use:
  1. Carleton University's policies listed at apply.
  2. Your account is for your personal use only and for work related to your studies at the University. Permitting other people to use your account may result in suspension of the account. Any abuse of this account may result in the Department revoking your account and/or taking other actions as may be applicable. All department accounts, including Email account, will be deleted when you graduate. The accounts will be also deleted when directed the faculty member who authorized your account or your current supervisor.
  3. If your supervisor grants you administrator rights on a PC, you will not create or grant administrator rights to another user without prior approval.
  4. You will not install any software that is not licensed by the University. Trial and shareware software must be uninstalled after the trial period is over.
  5. Unless authorized by your supervisor, you will not install any peer-to-peer networking software, telnet server, ftp server etc that permit users outside the department to access resources on your PC and on the department network.
  6. You will not install any programs that affect the security of the network.
  7. Your initial password will be randomly assinged and mailed to your student account and the faculty member who authorized the account.
  8. See for frequently asked questions.
Processing Steps :
  1. After you submit the request, the office will contact your advisor/supervisor for approval.
  2. After your advisor/supervisor approves your request, the technical staff will proceed with your request.
I have read the above "Conditions of Use" and agree to abide by them.