Alan Davoust
Ph.D. (2015)

M.A.Sc. (Carleton, 2009)
Diplôme D'Ingénieur
(eq. M.Eng, 2005)
ENSIMAG, INP Grenoble, France

Thesis Supervisor: Dr. Babak Esfandiari

Please note that I am now at UQO and you should be automatically redirected. Otherwise click here: My new page at UQO.

Email: adavoust at sce dot carleton dot ca
Tel: +1 613 520-2600 ext. 3548
Fax:+1 613 520-5727
Lab: Network Management and Artificial Intelligence Lab


Teaching: (winter 2016)
Publications at DBLP
  Ph.D. Thesis: Decentralized Social Data Sharing

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  M.A.Sc Thesis: Collaborative Knowledge Construction in a Peer-to-Peer File-Sharing Network (Awarded Carleton University Senate Medal, 2009)

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Department of Systems and Computer Engineering