Gabriel A. Wainer - Professor

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Gabriel Wainer

Research Interests
- DEVS formalism
- Real-Time modelling
- Cellular models
- Modelling and simulation methodologies and tools
- Parallel/distributed/Web-based simulation
- Real-Time operating systems

- Invited as Keynote Speaker for ACRI 2014 (Cellular Automata for Research and Industry. Krakow, Poland. 2014.

- Invited as Keynote Speaker for ACM SIGSIM Conference on Principles of Advanced Discrete Simulation (PADS). Denver, CO. 2014.

- Invited as Keynote Speaker for the VI International Congress of Computer and Telecommunications, COMTEL 2014, Lima, Perú. 2014.

- Prof. Wainer wins the Distinguished Professional Achievement Award (SCS) .

- Prof. Wainer wins Carleton University Research Achievement Award 2014.

Gabriel Wainer

NEW Book on Modeling and Simulation

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